Why Being a Personal Trainer Is Killing Your Fitness Business

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Now you may be thinking WTF am I on about, but stick with me for a moment.


You see as a personal trainer you find yourself up doing most if not all the training….all the sales….all the marketing…and whatever admin tasks you think you should be doing.


So can you see that by doing all these thing you end up creating an extremely exhausting job for yourself.


It’s no wonder we hear about PT’s burning out all the time.


Think about this for a second…


Is this what you really signed up for?


Is that the kind of lifestyle you dream about?


You see when you end up doing all or most of the work in your fitness business, your freedom and income is intrinsically linked to the number of hours you work.


This is not the path to true freedom.


True freedom comes from having a business that enables you to work in your zone of genius, without doing the thing that cause you stress, frustration and overwhelm.


So you can take more time off…


So you can explore your passions…


So you can spend more time with those who matter in your life.


Therefore, the key to having a freedom business is systems!


  • Sales systems
  • Marketing systems
  • Client on-boarding systems
  • Referral systems
  • Accountability systems
  • Delivery systems
  • Recruitment systems
  • Staff training systems
  • And more!


I recently read an awesome book called The E-Myth by Michael E Gerber…


He highlighted the 3 personalities every successful business should have.


The Technician – Someone who is an expert at their craft and enjoys doing the work they are good at and ignores the rest.


The Entrepreneur – The visionary, dreamer and starter of new ideas but often fails to follow through and gets frustrated with slow progress.


The Manager – The detail oriented one who pays the bills, ensures things are running smoothly and loves predictability.


Now I can imagine as a fitness professional The Technician is the role you embody most of the time…but, you also wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have The Entrepreneur and The Manager inside you.


So how does this help you create more freedom?


As Michael states in his book:


“If the business is to thrive, it must move beyond the founder: a business that is wholly dependant on the founder and their abilities is not really a business, but rather a very burdensome job for founder.  Every time you are out sick or take a vacation or are otherwise absent, the business stops too.
A real business is one where the founder has created a system so that the business can run itself without their constant presence.”


This is where systems come in.


Once you have a solid collection of documented processes and systems that you can hand off to your team you will start to experience more and more freedom in your life.


But to get to that stage it’s going to take some hard work.


Just documenting everything can be an epic undertaking in itself, let alone optimising each process for efficiency and automation.


That is why modelling others who have effective systems is your best option here.


“But I’m the only one who can do that!”


Yep, I hear ya!


This is something I’ve had to deal with myself.


There are tasks and roles in our businesses that we think only WE can fulfil.


But if your end goal is freedom you must be willing to let go of the roles that either take up too much of your time or that you simply don’t enjoy.


This can often be a painful process at first.  


Usually because it can be difficult to find someone to fulfil that role as well as you can.


And yes, there will be some mistakes made during the period of transition.


But nothing lasts forever!


Just know that with proper training and experience you WILL find someone who can perform as well or better than you!


It’s all just a process and starts with systemizing the roles you wish to delegate.


Sippin’ Mai Tai’s On The Beach


Now you may have heard people talking about the 4-hour work week….


Sippin’ Mai Tai’s on the beach while your businesses is working for you.


The ideal life for some and hell on earth for others.


Ultimately your outcome will be defined by YOU.


Perhaps you WANT to keep training clients and work out of a facility, but still have plenty of time for your family.


Or maybe you want more location and time freedom so you can travel and work from anywhere in the world.  


It’s completely up to you.


Either way, systems will play a massive part in creating a REAL businesses that will generate you as much money as you require while reducing the stress and hustle of trying to manage everything yourself.


It’s simple but not easy…


I’m not going to bullshit you.


Systems can be something you shy away from because of the time it takes to figure out each process, create systems, find, interview and hire staff and then continue to train them until they can confidently fulfil their role.


So where do you start? 


Well you know that the lifeblood of your business is sales.


Sales ALWAYS come from your marketing efforts.


So the first system we always recommend to implement immediately is a powerful and effective marketing system…


And I’d like to give your our marketing system, for free!


In this Case Study Video I’ll share with you The Exact Funnel Template That Generated One Of Our Clients 641 Leads, 91 Clients & $234,918 In Sales In Just 90 Days.  


This is our “Ferrari Engine” marketing system that we implement with ALL our clients to get them generating leads right out of the gate.


You can get our 3-step funnel template by watching the case study here.


Anyhow, that’s it from me today.


I hope you took away some important lessons today and that you start breaking down the roles in your business so you can create some powerful processes for growth.


Go ahead and drop a comment below and let me know if this resonates with you or not.


Until next time,


George – CEO, PT Mastermind

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