Who’s Behind PT Mastermind?

  • Tom Crawshaw


Tom, a best-selling author (The New Rules Of Facebook Ads For Fit Pro’s) and founder of PT Mastermind has been assisting fitness professionals grow their businesses using strategies proven to work all over the world with dozens of clients, generating over $1M in revenue collectively over the last 12 months.


His passion for mindset and willingness to look inside himself has been the catalyst for the growth he’s seen in business and life.


He also a keen adventurer, climber, skydiver, slackliner and mountaineer, which as you can imagine is what he loves to do as often as possible!

  • George Crawshaw


George, the CEO of PT Mastermind, works closely with clients at the highest level to create high impact programs and services. He has been responsible for assisting clients create breakthroughs to new levels of success and growth in their business, whilst giving them the confidence, resilience and independence to continue implementing their vision.


George believes “As you reach your dreams, we will reach ours” always putting the client first. As he builds a powerful team of trainers to continue serving more and more people, his determination keeps the business growing and expanding.


Like his business partner and brother Tom, he demonstrates interest for adventure and climbing, travelling the world together learning from others and sharing their insights along the way.