Who is Tom Crawshaw and What is PT Mastermind?

Tom has always challenged the current norms and asked questions wanting to know more about the world around him….trying to see the bigger picture and connect seemingly unrelated dots.

This curiosity would serve him well in the near future.

But first, a little bit of background (because we all love a good story, right?)

At just the tender age of 13 Tom was a professional paperboy.

But after 2 years his local paper shop closed down.

This forced him to take matters into his own hands.  He sent round a flyer asking all his previous customers if they were still interested in paper delivery….but instead quoted 10X more for delivery than he was getting from the paper shop.

Boom.  He picked up 15 customers bringing in £30 a week – double what he was previously earning.  All while delivering to less houses than he used to and working less! (A little Tim Ferriss in the making!)

The first major turing point in his life…

Was dropping out of university.  Not once but twice.

He was a bright student at school excelling in maths, physics and geography….with a passion & flair for the electric guitar.

Anyway, after studying aviation engineering for 3 months at Brunel University the academic life just didn’t feel like the right thing for him….something was quite right.

With that being said, the thought of university never went away.  Perhaps due the the pressures of his parents at the time.  So he quickly enrolled into meteorology at the University of Leeds.

This is when life really took a turn for the worst….

(and it wasn’t due to the mind-numbing course content – 2 hour lectures on rocks is never the most gripping of subjects!)

A brutal stabbing after leaving a club in the early hours almost left him fighting for his life.

He was in intensive care for a week with his family by his side.

Several major operations later he was in a stable condition.

Learning to walk again was agonising and the hospital food was practically unbearable.

But he finally made it out of hospital after a month.  Still heavily disabled.

This gave him time to reflect on his life’s purpose.

The question, “Why am I here?” was running through his head.

This is when he saw the emergence of his entrepreneurial side.

Fast forward a couple of years…

He was now running his own social media consultancy with a team of remote workers around the world.  The business – Initi8 Marketing, helped small businesses manage and grow their social media presence using paid and organic strategies.  He was able to help generate £1000’s in revenue for his clients resulting in over 500% ROI.

Once Tom was fit and well enough again to get back into physical exercise he started speaking to personal trainers not just about fitness but about their marketing.

It was clear from a handful of trainers marketing was a struggle for most.  They desired a system that could reliably bring in new leads that they could convert into clients….without much work.

Further research with over 50 trainers confirmed this.

It was at this stage Tom decided to combine his passion for fitness with the knowledge and skills he had acquired over the past 5 years in online marketing.

PT Mastermind was born

To help fit pro’s get more clients, i.e. help more people get fit and healthy, is such a powerful goal for Tom.

As Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.”

He brings a unique perspective to the table.  Although he had a good understanding of health and fitness it’s’ not something he’s certified in.  He’s able to think outside of the normal systems and patterns that most trainers fall into.

By combining lessons learnt from his work with multiple 7-figure mentors in the marketing, psychology and fitness space with the results he’s achieved with his clients he can confidently spot gaps in the marketing of all personal trainers he meets….and create an action plan that delivers.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing (like others try to make you believe)

Tom has had to overcome MANY self-imposed limitations.  These are the mental barriers that hold people back.  Limiting beliefs.  Most people are unaware of the ones that are holding them back from success.

Things like:

Tom was fortunate enough to work with some of the best business psychology coaches in the world (Peter Shallard/Andrew Sparks) and learnt powerful techniques to reverse these beliefs into ones that empower him.

Mindset is now something Tom integrates into all his programs.  It’s the foundation for success. Discovering your limiting beliefs and how to reverse them.

The lead generation strategies he teaches have been responsible for millions of dollars/pounds in sales from trainers around the world.  But if you’re mindset won’t allow you to succeed you just won’t get the results.

What Next? 

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