[VIDEO] The Real Reason Why Your Prospects Don’t Buy From You

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So you’re the business of changing lives, weather your a fitness professional or otherwise.

To help more people you have to be making consistent sales. It’s a simple as that.

But you will often come up against resistance on a call or in a consultation. These are your prospects limiting buying beliefs.

It’s their own shit that’s getting in the way of them committing to something that is guaranteed to changed their life or business.

I’ve just shot this short(ish) video on the 360 degree rooftop terrace at my hotel here in Barcelona after an epic 5 day mastermind with some amazing people that will help you get over your clients bullshit so they take massive action on their fitness goals.

I’m going to show you:

>> What’s really holding your prospects back
>>What you can do to get past their objections
>> The hidden language that will make or break the sale

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