[VIDEO] 7 Steps to Rank Your YouTube Video On Page 1 Of Google

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So you’ve been creating some killer content on YouTube.  You upload your videos and post them out via your social networks and email list.

But then after a week or two the videos you put your blood, sweat and tears into have been forgotten forever.

So how you can you send a steady stream of organic traffic to your video for weeks and months to come without much effort?

Well the key is getting your video ranked on the first page of Google.

You’ve probably heard that it takes months and months of mind-boggling SEO work to get any content on page 1.

They are wrong.

I’m going to show you a simple 7 step process I use with my YouTube videos to boost my rankings, increase organic traffic and land the prized page 1 position.

I’ll show you one of my videos that’s sitting at position number 1 for a 3-word search term.

Hit play on the video below to discover this killer strategy.


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