[Training Call] – “Why You Need to Get Emotional To Become a Sales Ninja” With Mike Rawski

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Do you find it uncomfortable approaching people in your gym….not knowing what to say or do to get them into a consult?

Or maybe you can get people into a consultation but closing is an issue for you?

Well don’t worry.  Most of us are NOT natural sales people.  In fact I don’t know many people who actually enjoy selling.

You must realize selling doesn’t have to be difficult or sleazy.

These are just your beliefs.

What you’re doing when you sell is finding out your prospects REAL reasons for wanting to achieve the outcome they want and showing them how you can help them get there.

You are helping people transform their lives.

But if you’re struggling then there are some simple things you can do that will have a drastic impact on your sales.

Then there are some more advanced ninja stuff you can do that Mike will be sharing with us today.

Anyway more on that in the interview with one super smart dude, Mike Rawski.

Who is Mike Rawski?


Mike’s background is in sales and leadership training, helping businesses overcome sales related challenges.  He then applied his skills in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and has taught many trainers how to Identify, Convert, Motivate and Retain personal training clients.  He still trains clients but now works as the Adult Health and Wellness Director for the Northwest YMCA and runs the blog PT Clients NOW.

In the beginning Mike stated out doing sales at a local gym.  3 months later he got promoted to management.  3 months after that he was the manager for several facilities.

This was when he decided to get certified to help other trainers with their sales.

Personal training has since become a huge passion and has led him to where he’s at today.

Mike delivers some awesome content in the training call below.  This is stuff NO OTHER trainer is talking about and will give you an unfair advantage over other trainers that have never heard this stuff before.

BEWARE we go real deep on the call.

What You’re About To Learn On Today’s Call

  • The easiest and simplest way to grow your business from scratch by asking just 1 quick question.
  • How to find out what motivates people to take action.
  • The 3 simple questions to discover someone’s “map of the world” (you’ll find out more about what this means on the training call).
  • How to use personality typing to build a deeper connection and get better results with your prospects and clients .

Key Takeaways

  • People buy for their reasons not ours.
  • People aren’t emotionally fired up to get fit.
  • Get prospect to fully experience what it’s like to achieve their goal to make sales effortless.


You can connect with Mike on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Also check out his blog PT Clients NOW.

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