The Dark Side Of Running a Fitness Business

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There is a dark side to running a fitness business that no one is talking about right now.   


Imagine you’re attempting to climb a 5000m mountain for the first time.


It’s a pretty tall order for someone with no mountaineering experience.


6 days of non-stop hiking…


The crossing of multiple bottomless crevasses…


And the lurking danger of a deadly avalanche.


So would you attempt something like this one your own?


I hope your answer is HELL NO.


Climbing a 5000m peak on your own for the first time could bring your life to a tragic end.


So what’s your alternative?


Anyone with some sense about them would look for a local mountain guide.


They have the experience, the knowledge and understand of all the tricks of the trade so you can climb with relative safety to reach the summit.

So why do we approach business the dangerous way?


The honest truth is that this journey can be a lonely one.


And it can often seem like your goals are so far away….especially if you’ve been chipping away at them for years.


Yes, you see your clients every day and have built some great relationships but what about those people who inspire you to step into your greatness as a trainer AND a business owner?


I’m not talking about your Facebook friends and the groups you’re in.


It’s easy to use books, websites and Facebook groups to mask your burning desire for real connection with like-minded individuals.


We can spend so much time on social media comparing ourselves to others, dreaming of how life could be if we were as successful as them.


But how productive is this kind of mental masturbation?


As Theodore Roosevelt once said,


“Comparison  is the thief of all joy.”


You know this to be true.


Just look back to how you felt the last time you comparing your progress to some guru on Facebook.


So how do you work your way out of this funk?


Well, this is where your peer group comes in.


So let me ask you this…


Are they the kind of people who lift you up and motivate you?


Or do they take a cynical stance on your decision to create your own future?


Ultimately one of the fastest ways to level up is to hang around others who are where you want to be.


But this can often be difficult if you’re focused on YOUR business all day and have your family to attend to in your spare time.


I’ve certainly been in this situation in the past.


One of our clients recently shared this statement with us…


“I want to have access to people who are where I want to be.”  


He knows the power of a mastermind.


A place where you can ask other trainers who are making the money you want, living the life you want and have created the business you want, anything.


This kind of access will skyrocket confidence because now you KNOW it’s possible AND you have access to them.


How do I know this?


I’ve experienced it myself.


it’s one of the best ways to re-energize and gain new insights when you’re stuck in a rut.


Plus you now have a peer group who are all driven and motivated to level up in all areas, you can message and connect with.

So what would a group like this be worth to you?


We’re currently putting together a mastermind that will give you access to the PT Mastermind team and our most successful 6 and 7 figure clients.


You can grill them and extract as much information as you need to help you on your journey.


We’re also going to be making this super affordable.


It’s not going to be some $25K year long commitment.


In fact, you’ll to be able to pay weekly and can leave at any time.


But this is only for studio/facility owners or aspiring owners who already have an existing client base.


This is NOT for trainers with no experience and no clients.


So if this sounds like something you feel could accelerate your growth so you can scale or open up your first facility, click here to find out how to apply for the Fit Pro Freedom Mastermind.


Over the next 24 hours I’ll personally reach out to let you know the next steps.


Speak soon,

George – CEO, PT Mastermind

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