The “Braveheart” Guide To Creating a Freedom Fitness Business

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“Imagine you are standing in a crowd…surrounded by some really pissed off Scottish peasants.


For years you’ve heard faint whispers surrounding the legend of Braveheart.


And somehow you are standing only a few feet away from him…as he is slowly being tortured to death.


Suddenly the crowd gets suspiciously quiet.


Then silence.


You can hear your own breath as you nervously try to inhale.


Somewhere in the crowd you hear a child cry.


Then your eardrums erupt from the bellow of a man in pain.


Instinctively you steady your gaze towards him…


Your hero…William Wallace.


You can see the agony on his face.


All of a sudden, he triumphantly raises his head and screams out…FREEDOM!!!  




That was one of the final scenes in the movie Braveheart.


And man does it get me pumped up every single time I watch it!


So let me ask you this


Do you feel super pumped when it comes to your business?


Do feel that you have the Freedom that William Wallace was fighting for?


When Monday morning rolls around, do you wake up and feel that you are free enough to pursue the things you really care about?


Or do you just have a JOB…


Does your job own you?


Well if you are Fitness Professional and you feel “stuck” in your career, or are “frustrated” with where your business is at, and what it is producing….OR are looking to start training clients online….then this could be one of the most important articles you read this year.


I have talked to hundreds of fitness professional over the years.


They say they are working in fitness because they don’t want to wake up everyday and sit in a cubicle, or in some boring office building.


They want to follow their Passion.


But the constant hustle of getting new clients, handling the finances, and physically training their clients has turned their passion into a “Job.”


They didn’t sign up for a job.


They wanted to feel inspired by their work, and help people live healthier lives, all in one fail swoop.


The Unsexy Secret To Creating More Freedom


There is a way to maintain your Passion and do what you love while experiencing the Freedom you desire.


It’s as simple as creating Systems in your business.


It’s not particularly sexy or wildly exciting but it’s THE most important thing you can do in your business to ensure long term success and growth.


Systems turn your most difficult entrepreneurial endeavors into easy to manage, stress free processes, managed by your team or clever software.


They also give you the Freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want, and with whoever you want.


With effective systems you can pay your bills and continue to grow your business without grinding out 80 hour weeks.


You can also take a vacation or just work from home…whenever YOU want.


These scenarios are only possible if you have a powerful Sales and Marketing System in place so you can get new clients on demand.


Owning your own fitness business should be about the Freedom of NOT having a job.


This ultimately comes down to having a deep feeling of Certainty that you have the resources you need to continue evolving and implementing your epic vision.


You want to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your business will provide for you even if you were to take a sick day or get injured and not be able to work.


But the reality is that life and business is full of uncertainty.


This is especially true for fitness professionals.


Let’s be honest, most people view any kind of fitness training as a “luxury.”


It is the first thing they cut out of their budget when money starts to get tight, even if they’ve been getting great results with you.


So what if you lost 25% or 50% of your clients overnight?


It would probably mean having to make some serious (not so good) financial decisions, for yourself and your family.  


So how do you safeguard your family and your business from the unavoidable uncertainty of life?




Your systems will give you the Predictability and Certainty you require from your fitness business, even during those rough times.


But it will take some hard work, time and energy to get them working effectively.


Got The Skillz To Pay The Billz?


Here’s the thing…when you have a proven Sales and Marketing System in place, it doesn’t matter if you lose 75% of your clients overnight!


All of our coaching clients have systems in place that allow them to predict exactly how many clients they can get each month.


This ultimately means that they can be absolutely certain of their monthly income.


Setting up a Sales and Marketing System (what we call the “Ferrari Engine”) for your fitness business is a fairly simple and straightforward process.


We leverage the most cutting edge online marketing tools known to man.


This allows us to use the most cost effective strategies to get you the most amount of leads, in the absolute shortest amount of time.


We have tirelessly tested ALL of our Sales & Marketing Systems, so that you get the highest quality lead for the lowest amount of ad spend possible.


There are no silver bullets or quick fixes to this process.


We spent a LOT of our own time and treasure to find out exactly what WORKS for fitness professionals.


Shut Up and Take My Money!


One of the most difficult issues our coaching clients run into is exactly what kind of offer they should present to their new leads.


“How much should I charge?”


“How many weeks or months should clients financially commit too?”


“What size of packages convert the best?”


“What should I include?”


“How should I present the package during the initial consult?”


These are just a few of the questions we are hearing from fitness business owners around the world.


So let me share with you the Offer Creation Process we use with all of our VIP and high-end coaching clients.


Ultimately the goal with your business is to have a stress free relationship with the amount of money you have coming in each month.


Freedom with your business is knowing exactly how much money you will be making each month and year.


This is why creating an attractive offer to present to your prospects is critical.


Part of having an attractive offer is setting up your potential client’s expectations before they ever see you.


Our Simple Offer Creation Process


Your offer is a simple combination of the following elements:


  • Product / Service
  • USP & Value Proposition
  • Bonus
  • Payment Terms
  • Guarantee
  • Who is it for
  • Why
  • Discount
  • Urgency
  • Payment Options


You will then use all of these elements, where appropriate, throughout your funnel, ads, emails and in your sales conversations.


I created this fill-in-the-blank template to help you figure out how to present your offer.


What we do is take you from __(problem/pain)___ to __(desired outcome)__ without __(stuff they’ve tried before)___ by ____(your process/system)____ and it works by ____(how your system works)___.   So the best fit for you is ____(Program X)______ Right now we have limited spots on this program at a ___% Discount so the investment today is _____ a month.


Always Be Closing


The next step is to present your offer to your market.


We usually do this using our “Ferrari Engine” System.


This is simple 3-Step Funnel process that leverages Facebook ads for targeted traffic.


But what happens after that?


I mean new prospects are awesome, but if they’re not turning into clients then you’ve got problems.


The sad reality is that most fit pro’s consistently struggle with turning a lead into a high-paying client.


They have a hard time selling their services at the price they want to charge.


We understand.


It can be an uncomfortable and intimidating process.


Human beings fear asking strangers for money, almost as much as they fear public speaking!


This is where systems come into play.


ALL of our clients have a Sales System that helps them overcome sales objections.


It shows your potential clients that you are a partner in their fitness journey, and not just some trainer trying to take their hard-earned money.


Your passion is to “Transform Their Life”, not to just hand over helpful diet and exercise advice.


You are so much more then that.


You are there to inspire them so they buy into your vision as an accomplice in their transformation.


Once they are able see the pain they are in, and identify the reasons why they should act now, sales is no longer scary or uncomfortable.


Sales actually becomes EASY and dare I say…Fun!


You can then position yourself as the expert who can help them alleviate their pain.


You prescribe them a program just like a doctor would with a prescription for an illness.


Start Flooding Your Inbox With Leads Today


There are a LOT of moving pieces involved in creating the Systems that give you leads on demand.


Honestly, It can be overwhelming.


So we have figured out a way for you to be able to have a successful business and live a life of freedom and fulfillment.


You can help your clients achieve amazing results and at the same time own a profitable and stress-free fitness business.


Our clients have been able to do this, and we want show you how to do this too.


We have put together a short video that dives deeper into the concepts I have mentioned in this article.


In this video I will take you behind the scenes and show you the exact “Ferrari Engine” 3-Step Funnel System that we use with all our Coaching, Done-For-You and VIP Clients.


The coolest thing about this diagram is how amazingly effective it is for rapid lead generation and insane growth. You can get it for free by Clicking Here.


In this video you will also be able to hear how one of our clients generated 641 leads, 91 Clients & $234,918 In Sales In Just 90 Days.


You will discover, in detail, how much they were able to add to their business’s bottom line and ultimately achieve the Freedom they desired.


Take it from them…Systems & Certainty = Freedom!


Anyhow, I just want to acknowledge how grateful I am you have read this far.


This shows me you are serious about taking that next step to level up.


The cool thing is it doesn’t matter where you are right now.


Just take action on the systems and strategies that are working for us and report back.


So to watch the Case Study Training and start living the life of Freedom you’ve always wanted just click here to watch the video now.


George – CEO, PT Mastermind

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