Taylor Robbins – How to Bring in $14,000 a Month Working From a Gym

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Most trainers start off their careers in the gym…either working for one or paying rent to one.  If you’re spending most of your days there, how do you maximise the opportunities around you to successfully book yourself solid in only 4 weeks?

In todays training call Taylor Robbins reveals his exact strategy for approaching members at the gym and his 3-step system to building relationships and opening up conversations for your services.

Taylor is a strength coach and personal trainer in San Diego at Fit Athletic and write regularly for his blog.  He believes in tenacity, emotion, passion, and sheer energy.  Taylor doesn’t neglect the other facets of fitness besides the physical: mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.


Taylors Story

Taylor has been a fitness FREAK since the age of twelve when his father guided him into weightlifting.  Since then, fitness has been one of the core elements of his life.

He ran his first 26.2 mile marathon at the age of 12….but decided he didn’t like running.  It was martial arts that captured his interest until he got injured and had to go through physical therapy.

Surprisingly, Taylor studied a political science degree with the vision of joining the Federal Bearau of Firearms and Tobacco.   But after a short internship he knew this path wasn’t for him.

So while working out at the gym he was approached by the fitness manager who asked how long he had been a personal trainer!  Taylor wasn’t qualified at this stage, but often trained his friends for fun.  The manager offered him a position at the gym if he got certified.

Several months later he returned with his certification and started work at the gym with the goal of getting fully booked within his first month.  He succeeded.  But after 6 months the gym wouldn’t let him train anyone else or work in groups so he moved to Fit Athletic.

Taylor generated $10,000’s of business in his first month at Fit Athletic and now averages $14,000 a month.

In this training call you’re going to discover:

  • How to get fully booked and make $8000 in your first month.
  • How to overcome the fear of approaching new people.
  • How to get inside your prospects head so they trust you.
  • Taylors exact approach technique that you can use in your gym.
  • How to create a referral system your clients will love.
  • How to get commitment from your client so they stick to their program.
  • How to find a great mentor.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t ignore the mental, emotional and spiritual side to your clients.
  • Talk to everyone – feeling uncomfortable is only temporary.
  • Always have humility.
  • Get a mentor.
  • Don’t try and sell straight off the bat – relationships come first.
  • Absorb as much information as you can while working hard.


The Bible

The E Myth

Education of Millionaires

You can catch up with Taylor on his site, Facebook andTwitter.

To get access to this training call click here to join PT Mastermind.

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