Hello and welcome to the next level of your fitness business success!  If you’re a personal trainer struggling to attract and keep clients willing to pay top dollar for your services to generate 6-figures in your fitness business, then you’re in the right place.

My names Tom Crawshaw and I’m the founder of PT Mastermind, an online training program created to hand-hold personal trainers through proven and effective growth strategies to catapult your business into 6-figures.

On this page you’ll find out more about my story, how I accidentally fell into the fitness industry, what exactly PT Mastermind is and my big reason WHY.

 A Little About Me 🙂

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Here’s a lovely mug shot of me with a fancy instragram filter 😉

As you’re about to find out. I don’t do things conventionally.

I’m a 2X University drop-out.

I used eat takeaways and processed junk every meal of the day.

I didn’t even understand the meaning of the word fitness.

All until one day in August 2012.

I had what you would call an awakening…mainly thanks to an education in “real” health from YouTube!

**Side note**

How many people have you come across that have found some amazing life changing shit on YouTube?

I hear these stories from my friends all the time.  Surely I’m not the only one?!


So from then on I drastically changed my approach to health and fitness, realizing what I was doing to my body wasn’t sustainable if I wanted to stick around for a good number of years.

I was hitting the gym and eating clean.  Just what the doctor ordered.

After a year of heavy lifting my knee started to “give me hell”!  I didn’t know what was wrong.  I was finding it difficult to even do bodyweight squats!

I saw a physio but their treatment didn’t give me any long-term benefits.

It was time to take matter into my own hands.  It was my body after all.

So after a ton of research on posture, biomechanics and muscle damage, I decided yoga was the best option.  My knee ligaments were too tight and needed releasing on a regular basis.   The foundation of yoga is all about mind, body, spirit…..and stretching of course – happy days.

I was pain-free in a matter of months!

So let’s talk business shall we? 

It’s crazy how time files when you’re having fun.  I’ve been immersed in the world of marketing for over 5 years now but it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it!

I guess that’s what happens when you absolutely love what you do, spending evenings and weekends studying, reading and learning.

You probably know what I mean….spending hours getting lost in a something you love.  Trainers are hands down the most passionate people I’ve ever met…and are willing to put in the hours of hard work to make things work.

I know a ton of trainers that spend thousands and thousands each year completing courses, attending seminars and trying new stuff out.   They understand that investing in their own education is one of the highest leverage activities a trainer can do to exponentially grow their income.

You’re going to hear the word leverage alot from me!


I’ve been working away building a social media marketing company for the past couple of years.

All starting from scratch.

With no budget.

And knowing nothing about business.

I was armed with some killer social media strategies that generated me £1000’s as a touring DJ back before I got into marketing….from 18-21.  Heck, I even still do the odd gig here and here.

I used social media to network with industry contacts, engage with fans, share and promote my music and ultimately land gig after gig.  Bringing home £150/hour.


After countless failures and hours studying the basics in business, marketing, accounting, sales, copywriting and operations (you know, all the hats you have to wear as a self-employed business owner)….

….I started to get some impressive results for my clients.  Generating a 500% ROI for one boutique salon in Leeds City Centre and blowing up a competition for a local festival on Facebook to reach over 62,000 people, brining in £1000’s in ticket sales.

My favourite project was with the UK’s fastest growing men’s health mag – AlphaFit Magazine.  They are free mag, making all their cash off advertising.  After creating a strategy for them to grow their audience, we helped deliver over 7000 mobile app downloads in 7 days, added 1000’s to their audience and was responsible for 30% of web traffic.

But I have to tell you something.

I’m going to be honest and upfront about this.

I’m not a personal trainer.

It’s not a career choice that I’ve gravitated towards.  I’m too much of a marketing/tech geek to spend hours sweating away with clients.

But as you’ll find out soon enough.

The fundamentals of marketing are effective in any industry….all successful individuals understand this key mindset shift.

I’ve also been grilling leading 6-figure fitness experts from around the world about how they’ve grown their business and the exact strategies they’ve used to do it.

More on this later though.

The Lightbulb Moment



10 Things You Never Knew About Me (until now!)

I’ve never revealed these online before.  Some might shock you.  But shit happens to us all and we are stronger because of it.

  1. I got thrown out of school when I was 16 for smoking weed (sorry mum!).
  2. I play guitar to grade 6 standard (for the musicians out there).
  3. I toured in a band back in my teens.
  4. I’ve built my own distortion pedal to play with my guitar (an impressive feat for a 17 year old).
  5. I’ve DJ’d on a boat in the middle of the sea off the coast of Ibiza.
  6. I despise politics and politicians.
  7. I have been brutally stabbed 3 times after a night out in Leeds, ending up in hospital for a month fighting for my life (no, they didn’t catch the low life scum).
  8. The funniest guy on this earth is Alan Partridge – I must have watched series 1 & 2 a million times by now!
  9. My guilty pleasure….80’s metal music – we’re talking, Kiss, Led Zep, ACDC. Love it!


What PT Mastermind is – importance of mastermind group, proven content, expert calls,

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