Scott Hodson – Why You’re Not Generating Any Leads From Your Website (and what to do about it)

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Is your website generating more leads than you can handle right now?

Chances are your site, like most trainers in the industry, isn’t.

In a moment I’m going to tell you why your website is failing to generate leads and what you can do about it.

But first let me tell you that it’s not your fault.

Most web developers out there don’t have a clue about creating a website that is specifically designed for capturing emails from prospective customers.  This should be the main focus of your website if you want to get a return on your website investment and generate leads.

But why should you collect your website visitors email address?

95% of your website visitors aren’t ready to work with you right now.  They are at different stages of the buying cycle when visiting your site.  Hence why it’s so important to grab their details before they leave your site, just incase they never return.

In today training call with Scott Hodson, we will be discussing the biggest mistakes personal trainers make on their websites and the challenges you face when selling fitness.

Who is Scott?


Scott is a fitness marketer and web designer and his sole mission is to connect the health and fitness industry with more people and help them motivate big positive changes in peoples lives.

He does this by developing award winning internet solutions through his business Optimum Fitness Software (OFS) and delivering his program “Train The Nation” a proven fitness marketing and website strategy that enhances behaviour change.

Scott is the 2011 NABO Marketing Champion and is the Interactive Media Award winner for 2010 & 2012 amongst other awards.

He is the founder of award winning service a place where people can go to find their perfect trainer….and where trainers can get more exposure and new leads.

From Semi-Pro Rugby Player to Award Winning Fitness Marketer

Scott’s dream was to become a professional rugby player.  But after playing semi-pro for a number of years he soon realized it just wasn’t going to pay the bills and decided to get certified as a personal trainer.

He paid £3000 for his first website.  The developer delivered an all-singing, all-dancing masterpiece.  But there was only one problem.  The website didn’t generate any leads!

Attracting clients wasn’t much of a problem but his lack of focus was.  Scott wasn’t getting the results that his clients wanted and as a result referrals were non-existent.   Being a personal trainer wasn’t the role he wanted to play in the fitness industry.

So Scott combined his marketing knowledge with software and after 11 years of exhaustive testing and thousands of £££’s wasted he has arrived at where he is today.

What you’re going to discover in the training call:

  • The biggest challenge when it comes to selling fitness.
  • How to increase behaviour change.
  • How to tackle your prospects pains.
  • The biggest mistakes personal trainers make on their website.
  • The critical foundations to fitness website success.
  • How to automate your follow up process.

To get access to this training call click here to join PT Mastermind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t try to work with everybody.
  • Serve people instead of sell people.
  • Take yourself out of your marketing and always put the customer first.
  • Create an information product that tackles your prospects common pains.
  • Grow your database everyday.


You can connect with Scott on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and his blog.

To get access to this training call click here to join PT Mastermind.

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