Is This The “Real” Reason You’re Not Getting The Results You Want In Your Fitness Business?

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Ok, it’s time to call out the elephant in the room.


Chances are you’ve been working away on your fitness business for years…


And if you’ve not been seeing the results you’ve always wanted, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated right now.


Almost as if you deserve to be successful because of the grind you’ve already put in.


You see other trainers living the life you want live and making the money you want make.


But you’re still stuck trading time for money…without seeing much growth.


Why is it so unfair?


That you have to grind HARD and put in a bunch of work when others seem to succeed in next to no time at all?


Especially since you’ve tried a bunch of different marketing strategies, sales tactics and fancy new promotions….that you KNOW have worked for others!


So what gives?


What’s makes the difference between the “overnight success” and you?


Well for starters, there is no such thing as an overnight success…


Unless you’re doing some dodgy stuff on the stock market, Wolf Of Wall Street Style….you have to put in the work.


What you don’t see is the years of struggle, sacrifice and failure that most “successful” fitness professionals have been through.


It’s through these tough times that their character was forged.


They have taken the time to examine their beliefs and figure out what’s most important to them.


THIS is what makes the difference.


Your internal game….your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.


These are the illusive, invisible but oh-so-powerful forces that shape our reality.


So if you’ve been grinding away and really trying to “make” your business successful but you’ve been ignoring your internal game….




No amount of “doing” on the outside will ever get you the results you want if you’re unconsciously committed or attached to your current rollercoaster of a business.


Even if you follow the proven strategies and systems we have been sharing to generate consistent, high-quality leads, you will struggle to breakout of your current paradigm with a mindset shift.


Your results don’t lie.


They show you very clearly what you are unconsciously committed to.


So how do you go about changing your beliefs and the unconscious commitments you’re holding?

Well, there is no specific formula….but I will share what has worked for me and my clients.


So here goes…


First, you get to observe your thoughts and actions.


Write them down consistently over a period of around 5-7 days.


You’ll then start to notice what thoughts keep occurring and the actions that you take around them.


The reason why you’re stuck at the level you’re at is because you’re buying into a false story about yourself and then acting it out.


So to change your story you must discover what your stories (beliefs) are and what actions you’re taking that reinforce the stories…then interrupt that thought or action and replace it with something powerful and inspiring.


Here’s an example for you…


You run your first semi-private session for the day and everything run’s smoothing and your clients are enjoying themselves.


Then once the sessions finished a client comes to speak to you privately to let you know she wants to leave.


You immediately get defensive and although you agree to her request, inside you’re bubbling with anger.


So instead of viewing the situation as an opportunity for discovery and learning you turn it into an excuse to get angry which then triggers a fearful/scarcity though pattern around not having enough money and worrying where your next client is going to come from.


Can you imagine how you would feel in that situation?


Do you think this kind of state is productive to training your clients and growing your business?




So by continuing to buy into patterns like this you will struggle to get the results you want in your life and business.


But if you can master this process of becoming aware of and interrupting a thought pattern and then realize you are buying into a bullshit story that is no longer valid, everything will start to shift.


Ultimately the choice is yours.


I see this kind of behaviour in my clients and even in myself.


I’m not some-how immune from these negative thoughts and destructive stories and neither are my clients.


We have just found ways to re-frame these thoughts until they stop occurring altogether.


They form part of our weekly accountability inside our Mastermind and have been instrumental to the rise of our most successful members.


So to wrap this up…


Now is the time to let go of any resentment or bitterness you have about not “making it” yet.


The past is the past and the sooner you let go of that and focus on the present the sooner you will be able to create what you want.


Sure, you can implement the lead generation strategies we teach and you WILL get leads, but when it comes to long term growth in your business your MINDSET is the driving force behind your growth.


So if you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for too long and want some assistance with resetting your beliefs so you can move forward powerfully and implement proven systems for your marketing, sales, staff, programming and a whole bunch more…click here to book your FREE Business Transformation Session with me right now.

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