How To Sell Like a Boss

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Like most trainers you hate sales because you don’t want to sound like a sleazy used-car salesman.  But when you talk to a potential client about your services you feel awkward moving from normal conversation to sales pitch.car_salesman_sleezy


You have faith in your ability as a trainer and you get amazing results for your clients.  But when it comes to closing a prospect you’re unsure about what questions to ask and struggle to consistently get a solid commitment.

Listen, not everyone is a natural salesman, including myself.  But I’m now able to close 80% of my prospects over the phone by asking the ‘right’ questions that I teach in my free video course –  How To Sell Like a BossThe  Powerful System To Effortlessly Sell Your Services Without Sounding Like a Sleazy Used-Car Salesman.”

So let me ask you a question….

Do you follow a specific, proven sales flow in all your interactions with your clients?

Or do you have abit of a chat, introduce your services and let them get back to you after you talk about price?

Most trainers sales conversations tend to gravitate towards the latter.

So what if there was a structure you could follow that has been proven by countless fitpro’s and entrepreneurs to increase sales conversions?

Well here it is:

  1. Build rapid rapport

  2. Discover their problem & goals

  3. Find out how much it means to them – connecting their goals to emotion

  4. Paint a picture of their future

  5. Introduce your services

  6. Close

If you follow this structure then I guarantee your conversions will increase.

But if you’re stuck wondering what you need to say at each stage then you can grab my 3-part video course for free.

How To Sell Like a Boss


In video 1 I talk about the strategy of preeminance or how to become the most trusted advisor to your clients and prospects, and the sales strategy that is designed to elicit an emotional response.

In Video 2 you’ll discover how to build rapid rapport with anyone in minutes.  I reveal some pretty cool tips and tricks to build rapid rapport without even saying a word!

in Video 3 I’ll show you the exact questions to ask in your sales consultations to ensure you never get a “no” again and how to overcome any objections that might get thrown your way.

Serve first.  Sell second.

Selling shouldn’t feel pushy or forceful.  Your conversation needs to focus on the problems and goals of your clients.  You are there to serve them at the highest level possible and transform their life.

You are doing them a disservice if you don’t sell to them because their life will continue the way it has been going and is likely they will not reach their goals.

Serve first.  Sell second.

Get video 1 of my 3-part Sales Boss course here

I’m out.

Tom Crawshaw


PT Mastermind

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