Holly Del Rosso – How to Build a Referral Based Business & Break-Through Your Comfort Zone

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Working for someone else in a box big gym and building your own business are 2 completely different things.  Many people underestimate how much strength, determination and persistence is needed to build a successful business.   You see success for every entrepreneur and businessperson out there consists of a string of failures or lessons.  It’s inevitable that you WILL come across these on your journey, especially early on.

Holly Del Rosso knows all about the struggles of starting out in New York City with no-clients and no business.  She had to hustle hard, working from 6am-11pm everyday!  In todays training call Holly reveals how she grew her business in New York without any contacts or clients, into a referral machine….and why you need to constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Who is Holly Del Rosso?


Holly is a top celebrity trainer, motivator, nutritionist and health coach in New York City with over 11 years experience in fitness with all sorts of qualifications, certifications and degrees.

Holly believes in training your Mind Body and Soul and that changing your appearance starts with changing your attitude. The only limits that exist are in your mind, you can have the body you want and be empowered, energized and toned.

She’s always had a fitness background, spending 8 years in gymnastics, hip-hop dancing and zumba.   Although she initially didn’t want to work as a PT, but after working with one herself she really started to understand her body and get results….and naturally wanted to help others do the same.

Like most trainers Holly started out in a big box gym and took a pretty ruthless approach to building her clientele.  While all the other trainers were sitting around smiling and helping the occasional member, Holly was approaching women on the cardio machines offering a free 30 minutes resistance workout.

She soon realized that if she was going to succeed on her own she had to take the next step and start up her own business.

She quickly built up her clientele and decided to move to New York to start her training business.  After working a full time job and squeezing in training sessions she was finally ready to quit her day job to focus 100% on training.  Now she charges $150 a session and works with 6-9 clients everyday.

What You’ll Discover on The Call:

  • How to rapidly build up a client base in a big box gym
  • How to push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • How to turn your training business into a referral machine
  • The best places to find your ideal prospects

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Key Takeaways

  • You are the only person that can create the life you want – take responsibility for this
  • Never stop learning – fitness is always changing
  • Confront your fears on a regular basis and push past your comfort zone
  • Understand the psychology of your clients to become a better trainer

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