How To Attract and Retain High Paying Fitness Clients Without Generating Any New Leads

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As a fitness business owner you are likely looking for high-paying, affluent clients who are happy to pay top dollar for your services without hesitation.


This is the ideal client for many.


But are you aware of the difference in psychology between the affluent and let’s say the working class?


Think about it like this.


You walk into Harvey Nichols – a high-end department store here in the UK.


The door is opened by a smartly dressed doorman who greets you with a jovial smile upon entry.


As you work your way through the ground floor a staff member for that department asks how you are doing today and if they can help you with anything.


The store is stocked full of the best designer brands with price tags to match.


The layout and decor screams affluence and attention to detail.


You have the option of working with a personal shopper.


There is a luxury restaurant and bar on the top floor with exceptional food and service.


Many people spend hours in this store and leave several hundreds, if not thousands of pounds (I mean money!) lighter.


As you can see Harvey Nichols doesn’t just sell expensive stuff, they create a luxury shopping experience for their customers.


Now compare that experience to a shop like Topman.


There’s no doorman.


The staff are few and far between – usually re-stocking shelves or working the tills.


There’s no restaurant.


The decor is totally brand centric and done on the cheap.


Everything is made by 1 brand – Topman.


Most items are reasonably priced.


This is a completely different shopping experience.


It should be pretty obvious by now that Topman and Harvey Nichols attract a different kind of customer.


I hope you can now start to see why…


It’s all about the customer experience.


Affluent customers will pay above and beyond if all their needs are met.


They expect a high level of service with all the bells and whistles.


This is why Harvey Nichols have been in business for so long.

They know that if they can turn a visitor into a customer and give them an exceptional experience they will keep coming back because of the emotions they associate with shopping at their store.


This is exactly how many big businesses operate.


They know that they can invest lots of cash to get a new customer because their experience creates customers for life.


This process turns a one-time customer of £100 for example into a £1000+/year customer.


So let’s look at how you can apply this strategy to your business.


One of our clients in Australia has a thriving fitness facility.


He’s recently hit capacity and is all set to open his new facility in October.


Several weeks ago he survey his clients to find out why they decided to work with his business and why they are still working with them.


What surprised me most what that the most common answer wasn’t related to results.




And who wants to ever leave their family?!


This is the secret to keeping clients on-board for 1, ,2, 3 years instead of 8 or 12 weeks.


You want to create opportunities for your clients to interact socially and give them an experience to remember.


Just think about a time when you entered a group full of people you didn’t know.


Pretty nerve-wracking, right?


Well at least for most of us.


But as soon as you connect with 1 or 2 people you start to feel comfortable in that environment and rapidly build connections with the people you see 3-4 times a week.


The same can be applied to your clients too.


Especially if they have body confidence issues.


Making them feel part of something bigger gives people a purpose and sense of community.


So let’s summarize the 3 things needed to attract and keep affluent, high-paying clients.


1 – Luxury Experience


This is essentially anything that will get people excited.  


Just think about the things you share about your life with others.  


What can you create or share in our business that you clients will want to talk to their friends about.


I can almost guarantee you talk about the random things that happen to you unexpectedly.


You could include things like:

  • Weekly massage
  • Prize draws
  • Daily gratitude
  • Free t-shirts
  • Wristbands
  • Prizes for progress
  • Valuable seminars
  • Social events
  • Check-up calls


2 – Ease


When you have clients working with you at your highest investment level, you want to make everything as easy as possible for them.


Layout what they need to do day-by-day.


Take them food shopping.


Go throw out all the junk in their house.


Arrange for their food to be delivered or even cooked for them.


Check up on their progress on a regular basis.


The easier it is for your client to get the results they want, the more you can charge for it.


Affluent people value EASE and therefore they are willing to pay for it.


3 – Family


This is arguably the most important.


If you can create a powerful, loving, family vibe at your facility you will never have to worry about the long-term success of your fitness business again.


Once your clients start making friends it’s going to be difficult for them to leave.


Perhaps none of their friends outside the gym understand the pain they’re going through.


Often their friends don’t really pay much attention to their weight.


Your clients want to know others who are going through the same struggles.


This shared desire to transform their bodies and their lives can really create friends for life.


They will happily refer you to their friends and keep paying your fees because of the emotional and physical value they get from you and your team.


Shared values create strong bonds.


It’s pretty safe to say most of your clients will share at least one or two of the same values and that will help bring them closer together.


These 3 things will make ALL the difference in the lifetime value of your client and your retention.


So let’s do some numbers to see how this strategy could grow your business.


So let’s say you’re running a 12 Week Transformation but your retention is only 30% after the 12 weeks.


You then decide to start getting your clients together for a social event outside the gym.


You run another 12 week program and focus on creating an amazing client experience, how to make things easy and build the foundations of family community vibe.


Your retention now shoots to 80% and these clients sign up with your for the next 12 months.


So let’s say you sell 10 spots into your 12 week program at $1000 and then only 30% into your 12 month program afterwards at $4K.


This will generate you $22K in revenue over the 12 months – which gives you an average lifetime client value of $2200.


When you bump up your retention to 80% you now generate $42K over 12 months with a client value of $4200, almost double your original number.


You’ve not spent any more on advertising or generated any new leads.


You’ve just focused on a luxury experience, ease and the family vibe.


So to wrap up…


If you want to attract and retain your top paying clients it’s critical that you create a “remarkable” experience.


An experience that your clients will talk to their friends about.


Not only will they want to stick around but they will be your biggest advocate, bringing in new leads for you without any ad spend.


If you are looking to create this kind of vibe at your facility (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!) and want to learn from the client who I mentioned in this article, I’d like to give you the opportunity to join our Fit Pro Freedom Mastermind.


Our client is one of the coaches in our Mastermind and he’ll be able to help diagnose the current problems you’re facing with your facility in terms of community and growth and give you suggestions based on what’s working for him right now.


You’ll also get feedback, support and assistance from myself, Tom and Shuan who is another one of our coaches in the group who has successfully scaled his facility to 6-figures through effective lead generation and fostering a family vibe.


Plus if it’s more leads you need as well we’ll build out one of our signature 3-Step Funnels for you for FREE – but this bonus is only for the next 4 people who join.


You can find out more about our Fit Pro Freedom Mastermind and how to apply here.


Until next time,


George – CEO, PT Mastermind

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