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Yep, in the post I’m going to share with you all 5 steps in details so you can take this and run with it in your business TODAY!


So if:
You’re STILL working tons of hours in the gym
You’re STILL taking on 1on1 clients
You’re STILL charging in blocks or per hour…
You’re stuck to one location and want more FREEDOM!


This 5-step process will assist you in not only closing MORE clients but charging HIGHER prices for your programs.


The best way to do this is through




An extra sale per week at $3K will net you a total of $12K extra for the month.


Pretty sweet, right?


But if you don’t have the knowledge, mindset or systems to enroll people into these programmes it’s going to prove difficult with your current setup.


When you follow this 5-step process you will be able to successfully and consistently enroll new high-paying clients 🙂


This will ONLY work effectively when you have:
1. Conquered your own self worth and removed the bullshit limiting beliefs holding you back
2. Effectively positioned your brand and your programs as transformational
3. Created a SOLID system and strategy to consistently generate QUALITY leads


^^This stuff will sky rocket your business on it’s own….but when combined with the 5-step below, you’re almost guaranteed to win.




You don’t want to spend too much time on this section, around 5 minutes if enough to connect with the person and make them feel at EASE.


This is all about being genuine, no bullshit. This will make the call easier for BOTH of you.


Enter your consult from a place of being a SERVANT LEADER; showing up powerfully for your prospect and wanting THE VERY BEST for them.


You must tell them how long you have set aside for the consult and exactly what’s going to happen on the call….finishing with the phrase, “does that sound fair enough?”.


Once they agree, you have control of the call. It’s going to be YOU asking the questions to figure out if they are a good fit.


Now move to step 2….




This section should take up about 80% of your call.




Because if you can understand your prospects problem better than they can themselves you will automatically be positioned at the expert who can help them.


You’re in the business of solving problems, not selling sessions.


Anyhow, there are 3 sections: WIDE, DEEP, CORE.


First off you want to go wide and get to know about their background and where they are at right now.


From here it’s down to you to find the holes in their story.


You’ll start to be able to dig into their reasons for being in the consult.


Then you can go DEEPER by asking WHY they want to make a change.


It’s useful to ask this several times.


You’ll typically get a surface level answer the first time you ask.


So keep probing until you really get to their real reason why.


You should also start to see exactly what they’re struggling with – TAKE NOTES!


It’s either going to be one of 3 things:


1) Their internal game (mindset)
2) Their external game (approach)
3) Both


This is where we get to the core of their problem.


Most people don’t realise that their mindset is the root cause of the shit storm they are in.


So if you can help them recognise some of the beliefs that are holding them back, you will have demonstrated you UNDERSTAND them….which is super powerful.


When you ask them what their BIGGEST OBSTACLE is, tune in to see if they are telling the truth.


Can you spot any inconsistencies in their vocal tone or body language?


Don’t be afraid to call them out.


This is what you’re here for.


You MUST call them out and hold them accountable for the results in their life and business.


A great question to ask is this….. “If there were no more obstacles in 90 days where you ideally want to be?


Then notice if they are confident in what they say?


Do they say it with conviction?


If not, there may be something going on beneath the surface.


Work with them and call them out so you are both on the same page.


Repeat back their answers as often as possible so they feel understood.


ALWAYS verbally communication your appreciate of the information they have shared with you – THIS IS IMPORTANT.


Your prospect most likely doesn’t know you.


For them to open up about their biggest pains puts them in a vulnerable place and you MUST be grateful for their courage to share.




Here you must accomplish 2 things:


1 – Share a client story that closely matches the struggles and goals of the prospect in the consult so they can see that kind of transformation is possible for them too.


2 – Help them with something specific so they walk away from the consult with a ton of value, even if they didn’t join your program.


CONVICTION and BELIEF must be present when you’re prescribing solutions for people.


You can really show off here and let them see how AMAZING you really are, but always relating it back to them and their goals.




Just like a doctor writes a prescription for their patient to help solve their problem, YOU will prescribe a specific solution to your prospect based on your conversation so far.


You want to repeat back their goals and reasons WHY they want to transform.


Share obvious observations, for example, “you applied for the consult and you’ve shown up here today and spent 30 minutes discussing how you can get your goals….”


They should be excited to work with you at this point.


All you have to do is align their problems with your solution.


Share the specific parts of your program that assists with their exact needs.


There’s no need to reel off all the features and benefits here.


They will ask if they are unclear about anything.


Then as you finish sharing your offer, tell them the investment, and shut the hell up.


This is where the magic happens.


Watch & listen to how they react.


You have just taken them WAYYYY outside their comfort zone so you don’t want to mis-interpret their feelings of unease for feelings of fear.


Depending on their reaction to your price point you can use as much or as little of step 5 as you want.




So when you get faced with some objections, it’s important to drill down to find out exactly what they mean.


So if you get the objection, “I can’t afford it”, you can’t assume they have no money.


They might not be able to afford it today, but next week they get paid and will join.


NEVER assume anything.


Then you can share a story about a client who was feeling the same way….and how they took that first step, invested in their future health and never looked back.


You should have a good idea about what kind of person your prospect is from the answers they’ve given you in the consult.


So if you feel like they are just throwing up some bullshit excuse to avoid the pain of stepping outside their comfort zone, ask if you can be honest with them for a moment.


Then tell them what you think is going on.


Help them understand if these objections are REALLY TRUE.


Are they clear on exactly what they want?


If it’s a HELL YES, then what is the problem?


If it’s money then do they really believe in themselves to commit and get results?


This is your opportunity to MAINTAIN your SERVANT LEADER POSITION.


Once you have come to an agreement, whether you work together or not, you should feel AWESOME for being able to help someone along their journey.


That’s how it’s done!


If you want the actual sales script we teach all our high-ticket clients just PM me on facebook (add me here) and I’ll have my assistant send you the link right away.


To your Happiness & Success 🙂


– George

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