Georgette Pann – How to Start a Bootcamp & Lessons from 25 Years in the Fitness Industry

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If you’ve not heard about bootcamps by now, where have you been?!

They are all the rage in fitness right now.  You’ll find one in most towns in the country.

But the idea of a bootcamp paints a pretty grim picture of what’s involved.

No-one wants to be shouted at while doing some intense exercise.

Unfortunately most bootcamps have a poor reputation.  You turn up, pay afew quid and get a beasting for an hour.

It hardly sounds enjoyable, right?

Georgette understands this and would like to share with her methods for running a fun, popular, money-making bootcamp.

Who is Georgette Pann?


Georgette has built a name and business for herself by focusing on bootcamps. As an early trendsetter, she was one of the first fitness pros to make bootcamps popular doing a lot of things that were way ahead of her time both online and offline.  She runs her company NutriFitness and sells fitness based info-products.  Oh and she’s only been in the industry for 25 years!

In the beginning Georgette started out as a physical education teacher.  Then moved into physical therapy, personal training and amateur bodybuilding.

Once fully certified she started working at Gold Gym.   But it wasn’t long before she had visions of opening up her own personal training studio and bootcamp….which were unheard in her city at that time.  Georgette also met her business partner and fellow bodybuilding competitor  at Golds.  They moved forward together to open their first facility.

Now Georgette trains, runs her facility and has a number of highly successful info-products including: Sure Victory Business Bootcamp-in-a-box, which has sold thousands of copies since it was launched.

 What you’ll discover on the call:

  • How to get commitment from a client – so you never have to chase them for money
  • Why you should create an infoproduct
  • What “Ready, Aim, Fire” means
  • How to start your first bootcamp

To get access to the training call, click here

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t wait until things are perfect
  • Info-products are the quickest and most profitable way to help ALOT of people
  • Always pre-plan your bootcamp sessions

You can connect with Georgette on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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