[FPF] Online Fitness Business Secrets You Can Learn From Lexus

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If you want to create or grow an online fitness business there is 1 thing that will help you get better results with clients who stick around longer.


Think of it like this.


My dad owns a pretty flashy Lexus.


It’s one of those souped up sport models…pretty cool car.


Anyhow, Lexus offer to take away the pain of having to wash your car.


They offer to wash your car for free every 2 weeks.


You just book in a time and let them take of all the hard work.


They didn’t HAVE to offer that, but they did.


You see going the extra mile and offering a more personal service is one of the keys to a successful online fitness business.


But there’s way you can do this without spending all your time interacting with clients.


Just click the video below to watch the Episode now!



Enjoy 🙂


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Here’s the link to this weeks episode again.

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