[FPF] How To Charge More?

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I was in Primark the other day….looking for some dirt cheap shoes I could throw away after this ridiculously muddy obstacle course I signed up for.


but I noticed 1 thing.


It seemed like the staff were there just to stack shelves and take your money.


The communication is simply an exchange of clothes for cash.


So how do you think your clients would feel if this is what happened when they decided work with you?


They’d wouldn’t feel like a valued customer and would expect your service to be cheap.


So can you picture yourself for a moment, entering a high-end designer boutique?


What kind of service have you received in the past or perhaps expect from a place like that?


You get welcomed upon entry and attended to like you’re the only customer in the shop.


You find it’s much easier to shell out £150 for some new jeans because of the service and perceived quality you expect from a place like that.


So how can you apply this principle to your fitness business so you can increase your prices?


It’s simple.


Add more value.


Show them you CARE.


Give them the red carpet treatment.


So to find out more about what you can do today to increase your prices.


Just click the video below to watch the today’s episode now!



Ultimately you’re selling a result.


If you can get them there quicker and easier they will be willing to pay MORE.


Take a look at this weeks Fit Pro Freedom episode to get the nitty gritty on increasing your prices.


Catch you soon,



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