[FPF] Are You Being The Old Lady Driver?

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We’ve all been there…


Cruising along a nice stretch of road on a Sunday afternoon…


Windows downs…tunes cranked!


Then out of no-where an old beat up Nissan Micra pulls out in front of you.


Naturally you slow down to let them get back up to speed.


But speed doesn’t appear to exist in the mind of the driver.


They continue to drive at what could only be described as walking pace.


Any concept of an acceptable speed (inside the speed limit of course!) was completely out of the window.


Frustrating as it might be, there is nothing you can do.


Now I’m not one for stereotypes but 99% of the time when this happens it’s an old lady driver.


So have you ever asked yourself how you are being the “old lady driver” in-front of you, in your BUSINESS?


Constantly slowing yourself down and getting you all worked up because of it?


Well this is exactly what happens when we think too much.


Over-thinking is at epidemic levels today in all walks of life, especially entrepreneurs.


In todays Episode of Fit Pro Freedom I dive deeper into this idea of the “old lady driver” getting in your way and explain why you must stop thinking in order to make better decisions.


Sounds kinda counter-intuitive I know, but stick with me on this.


Just click the video below to watch the Episode now!





If you resonate with this concept just drop a comment below, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this 🙂






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