The quickest way to reach success is by learning from those who are already have what you want.

I’ve recorded live training calls with a ton of experts you see below to really dig deep into their journey to success and the strategies they’ve used to grow their business.

For everyone who works with me (Tom) at PT Mastermind will get access to ALL the training calls with the experts you see below.

Alternatively if you just want access to these call contact me and I’ll hook you up ūüôā

Mike Matthews


….believes every person can achieve the body of their dreams. ¬†After 7 years of doing the wrong stuff at the gym¬†Mike resorted to real science and soon discovered where he was going wrong. ¬†He was able to achieve the impressive physique he has today (6% bodyfat) in under 3 years‚Ķnot to mention the incredible amount of knowledge he‚Äôs gained from his¬†research. ¬†And has now¬†published 5 books, sold over 100,000 copies and run the popular blog¬†Muscle For Life. ¬†You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Vigue


….is a personal trainer & core specialist who teaches yoga and pilates. ¬†His clients include Walt Disney World and Golds gym and his YouTube channel has over 2 million hits and over 12,000 subscribers. ¬†He’s the proud owner of and YouTube channel Motley Fitness.

Jamie Alderton


….is a Fitness Model, ¬†Advanced Personal Trainer, pro muscle model and Natural Bodybuilding Champion, and has featured in some of the Top Fitness Magazines in the UK including Muscle and Fitness and Men‚Äôs Fitness. ¬†He is also the owner of FitWorks Personal Training studio and is sponsored by Grenede fat burners. ¬†You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Lou Schuler


….is an award-winning fitness journalist and author of many popular books about strength training and nutrition. He is the co-author of the ‚ÄúNew Rules of Lifting‚ÄĚ series and has previously worked as the fitness editor for Men‚Äôs Fitness, fitness director for Men‚Äôs Health, and editor at ¬†You can visit his blog or find him on Facebook or¬†Twitter.

Neghar Fonooni


….brings her 12 years of training experience to worldwide workshops, numerous fitness publications and her exclusive online coaching program. ¬†She also writes on her blog Eat, Lift and Be Happy and guest posts on, Men‚Äôs Fitness and Shape Magazine. ¬†Join Neghar on Facebook or Twitter.

Clint Schambach


….is a former division 1 athlete and has a degree in sports science and physical therapy. ¬†He is also a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor for his company Level Up Fitness in St Louis, MO and is an expert at developing fat burning workouts, addressing nutrition concerns, and instructing weight loss bootcamp classes. ¬†Find Clint on Facebook or Twitter.

Scott Hodson


….is a fitness marketer and web designer with the sole mission is to connect the health and fitness industry with more people and help them motivate big positive changes in peoples lives. ¬†¬†He does this by developing award winning internet solutions through his business Optimum Fitness Software (OFS) and delivering his program “Train The Nation” a proven fitness marketing and website strategy that enhances behaviour change. ¬†Find Scott on Twitter and Facebook.

Taylor Robbins


…. is a strength coach and personal trainer in San Diego at Fit Athletic generating a consistent $14,000 a month. ¬†He believes in tenacity, emotion, passion, and sheer energy. ¬†Taylor doesn‚Äôt neglect the other facets of fitness besides the physical: mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. ¬†Find Taylor writing regularly on¬†his¬†blog,¬†Facebook¬†and¬†Twitter.

Ben Coomber


….is the owner of¬†Body Type Nutrition, host of the iTunes podcast ‚ÄėBen Coomber Radio‚Äô, writer for major industry publications & the ebook ‚ÄėDitch the diet BS‚Äô, teacher of the Body Type Nutrition Academy for personal trainers, and presenter of the seminar ‚ÄėDiet & supplementation to achieve AWESOMENESS‚Äô which tours the UK and Europe. ¬†His SPECIALITY? ¬†Nutrition. The key to nearly every goal, period. ¬†Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Paul Glazby


…has been lucky enough to travel the world many times over during his 12 year DJ career. ¬†He‚Äôs ran record labels, produced over a hundred tracks and remixes, and released a dozen albums, but is now the director and founder of Prime Mover. ¬†¬†Paul writes regularly for his blog at, run‚Äôs his own group training company – Prime Mover and is the guy behind Gym Symphonies.

Holly Del Rosso



Holly is a top celebrity trainer, motivator, nutritionist and health coach in New York City with over 11 years experience in fitness with all sorts of qualifications, certifications and degrees.  You can connect with Holly on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.


Georgette Pann



Georgette has built a name and business for herself by focusing on bootcamps. As an¬†early trendsetter, she was one of the first fitness pros to make bootcamps popular doing a lot of things that were way ahead of her time both online and offline. ¬†She runs her company NutriFitness and sells fitness based info-products. ¬†Oh and she’s only been in the industry for 25 years! ¬†You can connect with Georgette on¬†Facebook,¬†Twitter¬†or¬†LinkedIn.

Elsbeth Vanio


Elsbeth is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Ottawa with the goal of helping people live better and play better through better movement.  She has earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering and has experience as a ski instructor, a disabled ski guide, a hockey coach and an ultimate frisbee coach.  She has also competed nationally in ultimate frisbee, and provincially in basketball and hockey.    Connect with Elsbeth on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog.

Mike Rawski


Mike’s background is in sales and leadership training, helping businesses overcome sales related challenges.  He then applied his skills in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and has taught many trainers how to Identify, Convert, Motivate and Retain personal training clients.  He still trains clients but now works as the Adult Health and Wellness Director for the Northwest YMCA and runs the site PT Clients NOW.  You can connect with Mike on Facebook and LinkedIn.