Sean Vigue is a YouTube celebrity.  He’s got over 3 million hits  (was 2 million when I did the interview) , 20,000 subscribers (was 12,000 when I did the interview) and a number of top spots for search terms like beginner yoga.  In fact the whole reason I’ve managed to get Sean on today training call is because I found his beginner yoga videos and started working out with them every morning!  Needless to say I’m a big fan.

On the call you’re going to discover how Sean got started with video, his biggest challenge, the mindset for success and how to generate limitless ideas for your content.

Who is Sean Vigue?


Sean has had a very interesting and colourful career working as an actor and professional singer in movies, the theatre and on TV.   He’s always kept himself in great shape due to the demands of having to perform show after show.  This led him to train others around him.

After training his colleagues he decided to take a break from acting and singing to pursue a career as a personal trainer, and started working at ClubFit.  In his 3rd month he became the #1 regional trainer after bringing on a huge number of clients.

Four years ago Sean re-ignited his childhood passion for home videos and started to record some of his workouts with a Flip camera.  This is how his huge YouTube empire begin to build.   He takes a holistic approach to fitness and ensure that the mind, body and spirit is taken care, with an emphasis on yoga and core workouts.

Now Sean has clients like Walt Disney and Gold Gym.  He trains people online and offline, sells downloadable workouts and creates a ton of new videos for his YouTube subscribers every week.

Be sure to check out his channel here.

What You’ll Discover on the Call

Key Takeaways

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