If you’re struggling to find time to train more clients 1-to-1 or would just like to increase your hourly income then group personal training will be right up your street.

Group personal training enables you to work with more people at any given time….so you can change more lives and make more money.   Paul has built a 6-figure business based entirely on group training….he’s going to tell you exactly how he did it.

So who is Paul Glazby?

Paul has been lucky enough to travel the world many times over during his 12 year DJ career.  He’s ran record labels, produced over a hundred tracks and remixes, and released a dozen albums, but it’s only recently that he’s been involved in the FItness industry where he is now able make a real difference in people’s lives.

Paul writes regularly for his blog at paulglazby.com, run’s a 6-figure group training company – Prime Mover and has a very interesting new project launching soon called Gym Symphonies, which you’ll discover more about in this training call.


Paul’s Story

Paul hasn’t always been super-fit and in shape.  Turn back the clock 12 years ago and he was (in his own words) a “chunky monkey”!  After joining the gym his training and nutrition program was simple….”eat everything and lift as much as possible”.   This poor training program increased his body mass from 10.5st to 15.5 st.   But this was all upper body mass with a high percentage of body fat.

It was on the way to a gig in Holland where he discovered a book about nutrition.  After reading it front to back he knew everything he had been eating wasn’t doing him much good.  4 months later he dropped 4st, down to 12st thanks to this new approach to nutrition.

This was around the time he was thinking, “DJing isn’t going to last forever”, and decided to get certified as a personal trainer.

After training clients 1-to-1 for 6 years and djing on the weekends Paul discovered group personal training.   He soon set up group sessions or as some like to call “bootcamps” for his existing clients at the local park and church hall.  Although only 3 people showed up for one of his first sessions, he was not disheartened.  A couple of months later he was training 30 people on Monday. Wednesday and Friday.

This was when Prime Mover was born and his first fitness facility opened.  Prime Mover is a group training gym where members attend several sessions a week that involve TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes etc.

Let’s fast forward to 2013.  He now has 10 members of staff over 2 sites in Sheffield bringing in excess of £16,000 a month.  9 members of staff are previous members of Prime Mover who decided to get qualified and work there!   Prime Mover also have  a highly rated iPhone app that reached the “New and Noteworthy” charts…I can personally recommend this as I’ve been using it myself.  

Paul also has another business called Gym Symphonies.   He spotted this opportunity after attending a bootcamp seminar and discovered the horrendous music that was being used for automated bootcamp classes.   Paul decided to combine the production skills of lifelong friends from his old record label to help create royalty free gym music.  He now has a catalogue of music for automated group training session, pilates, MMA, yoga and loads more.

In this training call you’re going to learn:

Key Takeaways:

You can find Paul on TwitterFacebook and download the Prime Mover app here.