In this training call Mike takes us on his personal journey from a clueless teen through to a ripped best-selling author and successful blogger.

Mike believes every person can achieve the body of their dreams.  He’s published 5 books, sold over 100,000 copies and run the popular blog Muscle For Life.

Mike started out like many of us.  Reading a bunch of magazines and trying out all the “amazing” supplements.

But after 7 years of doing the wrong stuff at the gym he had very little to show for it…all while wasting a ton of money on useless supplements.

Mike resorted to real science and soon discovered where he was going wrong.  He was able to quickly course correct and achieve the impressive physique he has today (6% bodyfat) in under 3 years…not to mention the incredible amount of knowledge he’s gained from his research.


One of his recommended researchers include:

Alan Aragon

Here’s what Mike had to say about his with me:

“With overall health generally in a decline, the demand for competent
trainers is becoming stronger and stronger. There’s never been a
better time to work in the health and fitness industry. But it’s also
incredibly competitive. It takes more than just knowing how to help
people get in shape to stand out and build a successful career.

I’ve found that by leveraging the power of the Internet, and
particularly social media, you can not only build a sizable amount of
coaching clients, but a loyal following that almost builds your
business for you. In my interview for PT Mastermind, I talk about what
I’m doing to accomplish this, and how you can do the same.”

Mike now has the blog Muscle for Life.  He’s get 50,000 hit per month, has an email list of over 20,000 people and sells over 8000 books per month!  WOW!

Listening to people who were actually in amazing shape and constantly learning about internet marketing were major keys to his success.   This is why it’s SO SO important for you as a personal trainer to get into the best shape of your life.

No-one is going to work with you if you haven’t already got the results they want.

Mike has 3 major target’s right now:

  1. To help a million people get fit and healthy.
  2. Lead the fight against broscience and BS and
  3. Help reform the sport supplement industry.


In this training call with Mike you are going to discover:


Key Takeaways

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Resources Mike Mentioned:

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