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It’s no secret that most fitness professionals would love to own their own facility.


But do you struggle to see how you could ever hit 10-20K a month?


What about 50-100K?


Do you think that is even possible for you?


If you answered no; reading this will dramatically transform your current beliefs and perspective on what is possible for you…I can promise that.


You see our client Shaun didn’t think it was possible either.


He started off training clients out of rented space in a gym…


He hustled HARD to get his schedule full, and as a result brought in good money.


But here’s the side people never saw.


He arrived home late every night, collapsing on the sofa with his head in his hands wondering how much longer can he keep burning the candle at both ends.


His knew this wasn’t a sustainable way to live, let alone grow a business.


This is when we met him, just 2 years ago.


Fast-forward to today, things are drastically different.


Here’s Shaun’s story in his own words.




I remember when I was first starting out or even 2 years into personal training I would go through really bad periods where I’d lose clients and struggle to get clients through the door.


Other PT’s would say to me ‘Don’t worry Shaun, it’s always quiet in July’.


Then I noticed people would say… ‘It’s always quiet in September’.


Then, ‘It’s always quiet in November’.


and January-April etc etc.


I was told pretty much PT was quiet for 7+ months of the year!




So when I was doing bad I could always say:

– Well no one wants PT before Christmas

– No one wants PT in Jan, they wait till Feb

– Well no one signed up in Feb because they’re still getting over Christmas

– It’s probably quiet because it’s coming up to summer

– It’s quiet because everyone’s on holiday…




I bought into this belief system.




I now have my own facility (Raise The Bar, Liverpool) with staff members and 10+ PT’s working there.


Now we generate 30-40 NEW MEMBERS EVERY MONTH!


All from Facebook.


And that is holding back because we no longer have the space to take on more.


We now are able to get a 2nd floor and triple our capacity.


This means we will scale up our marketing and possibly take on 50+ people every month!


To also put it into perspective, our average member pays £99 p/m after their first month (so we’re not cheap).


My message to you today is don’t believe what everyone else is telling you about the reasons you’re not succeeding.


It all comes down to having the right systems, business model, marketing and value.




Now what I want you to take away from this is that it’s not only the tools that can help you achieve your dreams, it’s your MINDSET too.


ALL of our successful clients are the ones that enter into our programs ready to take the plunge and explore the limitations holding them back.


Sure there are times when they want to curl up in a ball and die.


But they have the ability to tap into their inner strength to pull themselves through.


Unfortunately no marketing strategy or sales script with fix a broken mindset.


That area of change deals with perceptions and beliefs.


Sure there are some tools we have that can help.


But ultimately you must make a solid decision to commit to a specific course of action, no matter what.


This is where your character is forged.


Just taking that next step and being open to the feedback you will receive is all you have to do.


With the right guidance, support and coaching you will always get to your end result in a much more efficient and enjoyable manner.


If you’re a facility or studio owner and you want the right guidance, support and coaching so you can get results like Shaun AND have the opportunity to work WITH him, click here to apply for a Business Transformation Session.


George – CEO, PT Mastermind

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