The 3 Step Process to Creating a Winning Marketing Plan in Under 10 Minutes (£22K/month Plan Included)

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Do you know exactly what marketing you need to do to hit your numbers every month?

How many leads do you need to fill your programs and reach your financial goals so you can create the life and business of your dreams?

Chances are you don’t have a clue.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Don’t worry.  Take action on the 3-step process I’m about to show you and you’ll end up with crystal clear clarity on how to hit your monthly income goal.

Why Most People Don’t Plan

We can often get caught up in day-to-day activities and forget to work ON our business.

Things like marketing & goal setting takes a back seat while you’re “busy” working IN your business.

Just hearing the words “marketing plan” can send shivers down the spine of some trainers.

But let’s be honest, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Your plan doesn’t need to be complex.

It’s actually really simple.

In the article I’m going to show you exactly how you can create your very own marketing plan in under 10 minutes.

Sound like a fair deal?


I’m going to walk you through the simple 3-step process right now.

Step 1 – First Things First

We need to know what our monthly revenue goals are.

Then we can determine how many people we need to sell into our programs to hit this number.

So do this task first if you don’t already have a goal in mind.

Write down how many sales you need to hit this goal and what services and programs you’re selling.

Step 2 – Know Your Numbers

Now you know how many sales you need.

The next step is to figure out how many leads you need.

So I want you to write down what your conversion rate is.

Whether it’s 1 in 2, 1 in 5 or something similar.

Then multiply the number of sales you need by the number of people it takes you to successfully sell into your programs.

So if you need 15 new sales every month.

And you convert 1 in 3.

Then you multiply 15 X 3

Which equals 45.

This is the number of leads you need to generate on a monthly basis to hit your goals.

Step 3 – Lead Generation

This step is all about execution.

Where are your leads going to come from to make up these numbers?

I want you to think about where your leads come from right now.

Hopefully you should have a good idea about this.

Your sources will probably include:

Referrals,website, paid advertising, flyer drops, networking, competitions, PR etc.

Now how can you scale these lead generation activities to hit your numbers?

Example 1

So if you currently get 10 leads a month from referrals…think about ways you can double this figure?

Can you run a referral competition with your clients and include a huge incentive like a free holiday.

Now you may be thinking I can’t afford to give away a free holiday.

I hear ya.

But think about the return you’re going to get from all the referrals.

How many new clients do you need to pay for a cheap holiday….like something off groupon?

Probably only 1 or 2.

Example 2

You could run paid ads to fill up your 12 week program  for 20 people in your niche.

The great thing about paid ads is that when you get them right you have a cash machine that will make you more money than you put in.

Once you have a system to generate as many leads as your need, when you need them….filling your programs should be no trouble at all.

If you end up paying £8 per lead (pretty expensive) and you convert 1 in 3 leads into a customer, it costs your £24 per sale.

Let’s say your program is £500.  You’re paying £24 to make £500.

I’d happily do that all day long.

This is how extremely profitable fitness businesses are built.

If you have no clue about paid advertising but would like to know how it would work in your business, jump on a strategy call with me.

Wrap Up

Do not put this task off.

You should have been working through each of the steps as you read them.

Now you have a complete marketing plan to get you to your dreams.

I’m happy to share with you an example marketing plan that is set to generate £22K in sales per month.

I’ll show you how many leads are needed, program price points, conversion rates and ad budgets for each week of marketing.

Click here to download Your Free Marketing Plan to Generate £22K per Month Now!

Thanks for reading.

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