5 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes on Your Fitness Business Fan Page – Personal Trainer Marketing Tips For Fitness Professionals

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We all want more Facebook likes, right?  Who doesn’t.

It makes us feel popular.

We want a captive audience who will hang on our every word and scream our name from the rooftops!

(hah, you wish!)

But there is absolutely no point in trying to build your audience and “get more likes on Facebook” if you don’t have a strategy.

It’s like inviting a ton of people over to your house for dinner with no idea about what you’re going to cook for them.

You’ll look like a dick and they’ll leave pretty quickly…never to return.

Anyway… you need an audience.

A big one.

In a sec, I’m going to give you 5 simple ways you get more Facebook likes for your fitness business fan page.

Remember:  You’re posts only reach 5% – 10% of your audience unless you’re boosting every post or getting a ton of interaction.

This means you need alot of fan to even get a small level of meaningful engagement.

This is Facebook’s way of politely saying, “Screw you, pay me”.

So with that in mind…

Let me ask you some questions to help clarify your strategy moving forward:

  • How are you going to attract fans?
  • Why should people like your page?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • How are you going to keep them engaged?
  • How are you going to generates leads from your Facebook page for your fitness business?

These are all questions you must think about and answer BEFORE you go ahead and start driving people to your page.

So I want you to answer those questions right now before we move on.







Let’s move on.

Attracting (Prospects) New Fans – 5 Way To Get More Facebook Likes

So how do you build a tribe of potential customers?

Here are 5 cool tricks to get you more fans on your Facebook page.

1 – Email Your List

This may sound simple but most don’t bother.

I’m not talking about adding your Facebook link to your email signature either.

You need to write a specific email telling them WHY they should like your Fan Page and offer some sort of incentive with a clear, strong CTA.

Tell them what sort of content to expect from you and any exclusive offers they’ll get for being a fan.

Send people to a Facebook tab if you want them to like your page in exchange for something.

2 – Cross Promote On Other Social Networks

Got an account on LinkedIn or Twitter?

Tell your connections & followers to like your fan page.

Just make sure you tell them about your incentive.

We all hate those people who constantly bug us with “Please Like our page” requests.

So don’t be ‘that’ person.

Get creative and make sure there’s value in it for them.


3 – Run a Competition

Competitions are a great way of generating interaction on your page.

But most trainers run competitions the WRONG way.

You need to ensure you follow Facebook‘s guidelines when running “Share and Like to win” competitions.

Facebook could ban/delete your account without any prior warning.  (You read the terms and conditions right?)

If you run a “Like to win” competition following the correct guidelines you could see a massive bump in your likes in a very short amount of time.

Just make sure you keep the interaction going after the winner has been announced.


4 – Run a Like Ad Campaign

This is a pretty simple way to boost your numbers.

You can run a simple Like ad campaign through Facebook’s advertising platform.

Just make sure you’re targeting prospects that you can add value to.

5 – Create Content That Inspires People to Share

This is a no-brainer really.

But people still post out content that they like instead of catering for their market.

So go and ask your clients what they’re struggling with, what frustrates them and what they want to learn more about.

I’m confident you’ll get a list of topics you may never have thought of before.

Write an update, share a photo or create an article that people will want to share with their friends.

Something controversial, unusual, eye catching, relevant or unbelieveable works really well.


Don’t Do This

You see all those gigs on Fiverr.

5000 likes for $5.

Sounds like a right deal, yea?

Well it’s not.

They are all auto-generated accounts.

They will ruin your page and eventually drop off anyway.

Big numbers may look good but buying fans will do nothing for your business.




That’s it for me today.

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– Tom Crawshaw

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