Christmas Promotion


Writing Your UVP

See “Writing Your Ads” Video in the Funnel Course Below if you get stuck.

URL Shortener –


Creating Your Image

Boxshot king log-in details

username: Diovujich
password: phoenix7


Creating Your Aweber Account & Adding Google Analytics

Setting Up Your Squeeze Page

My internet was running real slow so I couldn’t demo the full creation of a squeeze page.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Squeeze Page Examples


Setting Up Your Facebook Ad


Funnel Training Course

Setting a Solid Solid Foundation


Your Perfect Day

The Elegant Business Model

How Many Leads Do You Need

Your Marketing Plan

Selecting Your Markets

Customer Avatars

Creating Killer Headlines

Writing Your Ads

Your 250 List


Creating Your Squeeze Page

Setting Up Your Squeeze Page

Creating Your Squeeze Page Banner 

Creating Your Video

Finishing Your Squeeze Page


Setting Up Your Ads

Finding Images For Your Ads

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads

Scraping UID’s and Advanced Targeting

Metrics and Advanced Tracking