3 Deadly Sales Mistakes Your Making as a Fitness Professional

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Everyone makes mistakes.  In the moment, those mistakes feel soul-destroying, but the cool thing is that you can learn from them.

In order to learn from those mistakes however, you must be aware of them in the first place.

Sales is a “practice makes perfect” field, no one is born a natural, and this is okay, because sales is a skill that can be taught and learned.

Have you ever sat down with a prospect and doubted yourself before you’ve even started?  

This is likely to destroy the changes you have of making the sale.  

First and foremost you must be confident in the service you offer and you must believe in it!

A prospect can smell doubt, and that doubt will lead to no sale.

You’re Not Prepared To Sell

Do you know your prospect’s needs, wants and pains?

Remember, you are selling a solution not an actual product. 

When selling a weight loss program or supplement, yes you are physically selling a product or service but you are actually selling the experience and feeling after they lose the desired weight. 

Leverage their pain points, they are your greatest assets.

Have your script ready!

You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, same goes for sales. 

Be prepared to answer any questions they throw at you, create a presentation, rehearse it and own it.

You have to know and understand why they will say no, and they might, so be ready. 

Sort through the possible objections and when they become apparent and you’ll be all set, shoot em’ down and close the sale.

You Talk Too Much

Shut up once in a while, this isn’t only about you after all.

You have 2 ears and 1 mouth after all, so zip it. 

Let your prospect do the talking, use those ears and LISTEN. They will tell you everything you need to know in order to seal the deal. 

Ask, tell, and answer.

Store crucial information generously granted to you by your prospect and use it later on during your close.

You’ll rope em’ in using their own words, they will never be able to walk away from their own words, they said it best themselves after all.

You’re Scared To Ask The Hard Questions

Nobody has time for fear.  What’s the worst thing that could happen? You ask and they answer? Good.

You want them to answer because you need this information to see if they are a qualified lead or not. 

For example….”How do you feel about my price?”

If you point out the elephant in the room, there is no way that this can go avoided.

You will never know until you ASK.  

“Are you ready to get started today?”

These questions are all a part of the assumption close, you are assuming that once you are finished presenting they are ready to start, this builds urgency in a decision. 

You have put everything out on the table and now it is their turn to decide. Leave your fear at the door, ask the questions, and close the sale, easy as that.

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