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Do You Want To Rapidly Grow Your Fitness Business So You Can Live Life On Your Own Terms With As Much Freedom As You Desire…


All In Less Than 90 Days?


If you’re looking for assistance with getting more traffic, generating more leads, making more sales and structuring your business so it gives you more leverage and time off, then you are in the right place.


Myself, George and the founder Tom are the guys behind PT Mastermind. We’ve had years of experience working with fitness professionals just like you. Our strategies have been responsible for generating over $1M in revenue for our clients in the last 12 months.


But we don’t claim to have invented some kind of magic bullet.


We did the hard work and have spent tens of thousands of dollars testing new ads, funnels and strategies to generate leads and close them into high-ticket sales.


We KNOW our stuff works. The only variable is YOU!


So if you’re committed to implementing and taking action on everything they have to offer and you are serious about your results then you may be a good fit for one of their programs.


Results can be rapid. We usually get clients generating leads with 48 hours of joining the program.


Click the button below to apply for your business transformation session.


I will look over your application and decide whether to progress you to a call.


If you’re feeling skeptical or hesitant, please take some time to check out all the testimonials and case studies laid out on this page.


If you have a question and want to speak to me or Tom privately just email or add me on Facebook here.


Speak soon,


George Crawshaw
PT Mastermind

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Who’s Behind PT Mastermind?

  • Tom Crawshaw


Tom, a best-selling author (The New Rules Of Facebook Ads For Fit Pro’s) and founder of PT Mastermind has been assisting fitness professionals grow their businesses using strategies proven to work all over the world with dozens of clients, generating over $1M in revenue collectively over the last 12 months.


His passion for mindset and willingness to look inside himself has been the catalyst for the growth he’s seen in business and life.


He also a keen adventurer, climber, skydiver, slackliner and mountaineer, which as you can imagine is what he loves to do as often as possible!

  • George Crawshaw


George, the CEO of PT Mastermind, works closely with clients at the highest level to create high impact programs and services. He has been responsible for assisting clients create breakthroughs to new levels of success and growth in their business, whilst giving them the confidence, resilience and independence to continue implementing their vision.


George believes “As you reach your dreams, we will reach ours” always putting the client first. As he builds a powerful team of trainers to continue serving more and more people, his determination keeps the business growing and expanding.


Like his business partner and brother Tom, he demonstrates interest for adventure and climbing, travelling the world together learning from others and sharing their insights along the way.

Our Client Success Stories

Check out some of the results our clients have achieved working with PT Mastermind.


Real Results Revealed

Check out these in-depth client case study interviews, where our clients share their stories and results.

You Are Here Because

  • You Want To Work Anywhere In The World From Your Laptop
  • You’ve Spent Tons of Time & MONEY Building; Funnels, Websites, Adverts, Ebooks, Free courses… With NO Results
  • You Are Attracting The WRONG People or Not Enough People
  • You Can’t Seem To Make Any Sales
  • You Are Working Endless Hours

  • You Are Still Doing EVERYTHING Yourself
  • Still Training Clients 1 on 1
  • Want a Clear Path to Scale Your Business
  • Want to IMPACT more people
  • Can’t Consistently Generate Leads & Enrol New Clients
  • Free Up More Time For Family And Kids

Who Can We Help?

Fitness instructor exercising with his client at the gym


Studio/Facility Owners

If you have a studio or facility and you’re looking to scale up and get a team in to manage the business…we can help.

A young man listening the music on a laptop


Aspiring Online Trainers

If you currently train clients in a gym or facility and want to take your business online so you can run your business from your laptop…we can help.


We Can Only Help You If:


– You are committed to doing the work necessary

– You can take responsibility for your actions and your behaviour

– You have a burning desire to succeed

– Can commit to following step-by-step trainings

– You can implement and take fast action

– You are open to new ideas and new approaches


We Can NOT Help You If:


– Cannot get results for your clients

– Have just started out as a trainer

– You are focused on selling MLM products

– You bounce from program to program without implementation

– You are happy working a job you have created for yourself

– Are NOT willing to get real and honest with yourself about your current situation

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Our Services



Length: 1 month minimum

Contact time: Email/Facebook Chat support





So if you have a facility but you’re not growing as fast as you want or you’re looking for a team of professional to take care of your ads for you so you can focus on what you do best, then our Done-For-You Lead Generation service could be what you’re looking for.

Click here to find out how our Done-For-You Lead Generation process works, the kinds of results we get and who this is the ideal solution for.

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